Sani-Duct joined the only internationally recognised body for ductwork cleaning: NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) in April 1995 and became a certified member in May 1997.

ISO_URS_9001Sani-Duct then became instrumental in the formation of: EVHA (European Ventilation Hygiene Association) in April 2000 and continues to apply the high standards set down by NADCA and EVHA to all cleaning works.

Customer care and satisfaction has always been of paramount importance to Sani-Duct and accreditation to ISO 9002 was first obtained in June 1997. This has been updated to ISO 9001:2008 through continual review and annual surveillance. Since accreditation, we constantly seek to improve the quality of our works and increase the satisfaction of our customers.

SAFEcontractor accredited

Health and Safety has become increasingly important within our industry and in February 2008 Sani-Duct gained accreditation to SAFEcontractor. This scheme is designed to help industry improve on safety records. It demands high standards of health and safety practice for UK contractors and examines procedures and track records of organisations prior to accreditation, with ongoing annual assessments.